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SHRF 2024-25 Funding Opportunities and Solutions Focus Areas Announced

SHRF offers a suite of funding opportunities throughout the year to address our three programming areas: Capacity, Connections and Solutions.

We are pleased to officially reveal the Board-approved opportunities and focus areas to be offered during SHRF’s 2024-25 fiscal year.

SHRF is offering the following funding opportunities in 2024-25:

Establishment Grant

Application Deadline:

March 14, 2024

Eligibility cut-off was January 18, 2024, applications are only open to those who passed eligibility

Align Grant

Application Deadlines:

Call 1: March 27, 2024

Call 2: July 24, 2024

Call 3: November 20, 2024

Mobilize Grant (watch for details in April)

Tentative Deadlines:

Call 1: July 2024

Call 2: February 2025

Mobilize Grant: Truth & Action (watch for details this summer)

Tentative Deadline:

December 2024

Solutions Innovation and Impact Grants (watch for details in June)

Tentative Deadlines:

Eligibility cut-off end of September 2024

Applications due mid-November 2024

The following Solutions Focus Areas are going to be offered:

Child & Youth Health

in collaboration with Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation

Rural & Remote Health

Lung Health

in partnership with Lung Saskatchewan

Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias

in partnership with Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan



The annual 2024-25 Establishment Grant competition is underway, with applicants who passed eligibility submitting their full applications to SHRF by March 14. The Establishment Grant supports early career researchers and is a key SHRF investment in supporting capacity for impactful health research in Saskatchewan and increasing success at obtaining future funding.

For those who would like more information about the Establishment Grant, including funding details, eligibility, important CV requirements and an information webinar, visit our website



In the Connections Program, we will continue with the Align Grant and Mobilize Grant funding opportunities to improve research collaboration and coordination, responsiveness, and usability.

The Align Grant supports activities to ensure research is relevant and responsive to Saskatchewan and stakeholder needs and build collaborative teams well-positioned to succeed in future research funding competitions. The first call of the Align Grant is now open, and there will be a total of three intakes throughout the year. Details are now available in the Application Package at

The Mobilize Grant funds knowledge-mobilization activities in non-academic formats to improve the applicability and impact of health research in Saskatchewan. The Mobilize Grant will have two open calls and a third focusing on the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action. Watch for details on the first open Mobilize call coming in April, which will be available at



While the Solutions Program 2023-24 peer review is underway, we are already planning for next year! The 2024-25 Solutions Program will once again offer Innovation and Impact grants to support interdisciplinary teams in finding, testing, and implementing solutions related to specific focus areas. Timelines for the Solutions Program will remain the same, with the program officially launching in June, eligibility cut-off at the end of September and full applications due mid-November.

SHRF will continue its focus in two areas for the 2024-25 Solutions competition:

1) Child & Youth Health, in collaboration with Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation, and 2) Rural & Remote Health.

The Solutions Program is a key opportunity for SHRF to collaborate with research funding partners to pool our resources, streamline workload for everyone involved, and advance strategic areas of need in the province. For 2024-25, we are pleased to continue our collaboration with Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation to support Child & Youth Health, and to continue strategic partnerships with Lung Saskatchewan to invest in Lung Health research, and Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan to invest in dementia research.

SHRF remains committed to supporting patient-oriented research and continues our partnership with SCPOR to support select grants.

Application details will be available at

Letting people know to apply for the align grant



In addition to our in-house funding opportunities, SHRF partners with national funders to expand opportunities for Saskatchewan health researchers in alignment with our programming areas of Capacity, in particular trainee support and Solutions, which address additional areas relevant to Saskatchewan.

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The SHRF team is here to help!

Whether you have questions about the RMS or need assistance with specific funding opportunities, our team is here to support you throughout.

Tanya is ready to help you with all things RMS, and while we work as a team, we have a primary contact for each program area:

Pawan for Capacity (Establishment),

Chelsea for Connections (Align and Mobilize) and

Karen for Solutions (Innovation and Impact)

When in doubt, you can reach all of us by simply emailing

Quick tips for Establishment, Innovation and Impact grants to get working on the application.

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