Our Approach

We develop and execute research funding competitions that allow us to invest in collaborative, innovative, high-impact, peer-reviewed health research that is relevant to improving the health of Saskatchewan people. 

Strong partnerships are at the core of innovative health research. SHRF joins with other funding agencies, non-profit organizations, industry and other health research supporters to not only increase the investment in research and innovation in Saskatchewan, but to strengthen researchers’ capacity and competitiveness while aligning with the unique needs of the province.

Our Programs

Solutions Program

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Aims to:

  • mobilize the research community and its partners

  • focus and coordinate diverse skills and perspectives in a focused area

  • address timely Saskatchewan health challenges

Capacity Program

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Aims to:

  • strengthen research capacity and competitiveness

  • enable researchers to build careers in SK 

  • support productivity of highly qualified personnel in our province

Connections Program

Aims to:

  • align research activities with stakeholders needs

  • support connections that enable effective collaborations and engagement in the research process

  • mobilizes research knowledge and evidence produced

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Partnerships Program

Aims to:

  • connect SK researchers to an expanded network of funding opportunities 

  • support and contribution to partner opportunities

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