Our Approach

We develop and execute research funding competitions that allow us to invest in collaborative, innovative, high-impact, peer-reviewed health research that is relevant to improving the health of Saskatchewan people. 

Strong partnerships are at the core of innovative health research. SHRF joins with other funding agencies, non-profit organizations, industry and other health research supporters to not only increase the investment in research and innovation in Saskatchewan, but to strengthen researchers’ capacity and competitiveness while aligning with the unique needs of the province.


SK Solutions

Our programs mobilize SK's research community and its partners to focus and coordinate their energies and create progress towards addressing a problem or area of need


SK Capacity

Our programs encourage researchers to build health research careers in SK; enable effective collaborations; and find ways to support highly qualified personnel in the province

We connect SK researchers to national and international networks and funding opportunities through support and by contributing matching funding and inviting partners to contribute to our programs

Support Partners

We provide expertise in the areas of peer review, measuring impact and strategies for continued growth as leaders in developing and executing health research funding competitions

Latest Funding News

Full program results and details can be found on our Results page.