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Impact Reports 

SHRF leads the way in measuring and evaluating the impact of health research in Saskatchewan. Click on a report cover image to download.

Award Winning Return on Investment Case Study

Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) was recognized by the ROI Institute as one of their 2017-2018 award winners for most innovative approach to ROI (Return On Investment). The science of health research impact assessment is relatively new and needs to continually examine improved ways of measuring the impact of funded research. The innovative and award-winning application of the Phillips ROI Methodology to SHRF’s Collaborative Innovation Development grant program showed that there is a return of $2.62 dollars for every dollar invested into this program.


Value of Aging Related Research in SK

Impacting Seniors’ Health – The Value of Aging-Related Research in Saskatchewan is a showcase of researchers and community members working together to address complex issues affecting the senior population – with the ultimate goal of improving the health and quality of life of Saskatchewan seniors.


Research for Health Magazine

Research for Health magazine is produced by Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation and highlights the researchers, institutions and partners that are working together to find solutions to relevant health challenges for the people of Saskatchewan and beyond.

Latest Issue

Past Issues


Weechihitotan: 'Let's help and support each other'


The Value of Aboriginal Health Research in Saskatchewan.


Measuring the Value of SK's Health Research (2013)


Ten Years of Innovation and Excellence: 2003-13

An investment in health research and innovation is an investment in people. Their stories detail Saskatchewan’s success and strength.
Saskatchewan is a leader in infectious disease research, agricultural biotechnology, community-based and population health research, and human growth and development research. For decades, we have been a leader in health care and continue to grow our health services research sector. Health research is a vital link to the heart of the health care system, translating knowledge from the bench to the bedside.
The 10 years of health research funding stories outlined in this book are just the beginning…

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