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Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) funds, supports and promotes the impact of health research that matters to Saskatchewan.


Health research is vital

to the improved health of Saskatchewan citizens through a high-performing health ecosystem with a robust culture of research and innovation.

SHRF is vital

to enabling the best health research that supports Saskatchewan solutions to Saskatchewan health challenges by upholding a rigorous peer review process, measuring and sharing the impact of funded research, and collaborating with partners who can help maximize the impact of this work.

Our Strategic Goals

  1. Strengthen research
    capacity and competitiveness


  2. Increase investment in
    research and innovation


  3. Align research with stakeholders’ needs


Our Strategy In Action

As a small yet mighty province, Saskatchewan is home to some of the most advanced health research technologies, infrastructure and expertise in the world. Meeting our strategic goals means SHRF enables Saskatchewan health researchers to place themselves among the world’s best

Building capacity and competitiveness means we are able to respond to local health challenges by attracting and retaining those with the knowledge and expertise to find local solutions that work for the people of Saskatchewan. 

We work together to align research with the needs of the province and increase the investment in quality research that leads to better health care, healthier communities and brighter futures for us all. 

Accountability, adaptability, collaboration, excellence and integrity represent a vital part of SHRF’s strategic foundation and exemplifies our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles for how we work with each other and all stakeholders.  Learn more >

In achieving our strategic goals, we will adhere to our organization’s core values and promote inclusiveness, excellence, creativity and breadth in health research.

Integral to this work will be supporting the health and research goals of the Indigenous community and continuing to ensure that sex- and gender-based analysis is incorporated into the research we fund.

SHRF receives funding from the Government of Saskatchewan through Innovation Saskatchewan. 

Our Key Activities

  • Develop and execute research funding competitions aligned with the needs of the province  Learn more >

  • Uphold a rigorous peer review process that ensures quality and relevance of applications, and supports growth and capacity building for reviewers and researchers  Learn more >

  • Partner with other organizations to maximize efficiencies, reduce duplication and increase impact of health research investments and activities  Learn more >

  • Measure impact and share stories of our investments and activities on the overall health of the province
    Learn more >


  • Act as a trusted and neutral convenor of multiple stakeholder groups, possessing in-depth knowledge, an unbiased view and expertise adding value and unique insights into the Saskatchewan research ecosystem

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