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HRW 2023: What's New At SHRF?

Health Research Week is here, and we are taking the opportunity to provide an annual update on all things 'SHRF'! Continue reading to learn more about SHRF's 20th anniversary, funding program updates, and changes to our CV process.

SHRF Turns 20!

This year marks SHRF's 20th year of existence and operation in Saskatchewan! First established by an act of legislature in 2003, SHRF was established to:

  • Seek and receive funding to support health research;

  • Encourage and facilitate health research in Saskatchewan;

  • Fund research; and

  • Disseminate information about funded research.

SHRF's first Establishment Grants were awarded in the summer of 2003.

20 years later, and following an organizational strategic update to improve our research funding opportunities and administrative processes, SHRF has a renewed commitment to our core values of:

  • Accountability;

  • Adaptability;

  • Collaboration;

  • Excellence; and

  • Integrity.

SHRF's strategic update was a gradual and collaborative process. Throughout 2019-2022, we held listening sessions, and consulted with the research community, our partners and the SHRF Board. This input was instrumental in shaping SHRF's program objectives and requirements, and laid a guiding path forward. We would like to extend our thanks to all those who participated, and continue to participate in, these consultations.

While many of the changes to SHRF's suite of programs have already been implemented (SHRF Announces First New Program After Refresh, SHRF Offers New Funding Program to Align Research with Needs of Saskatchewan), we wanted to use our 20th anniversary as an opportunity to summarize these changes and their context for the Saskatchewan research community, as well as to introduce our plan for the 2023-24 fiscal year. At the same time, SHRF's activities and priorities are always open to continuous improvement, framed by our mandate, strategic objectives and program goals.

Part of SHRF's strategic update was a 'programs refresh'. This refresh reflected the value SHRF places on supporting and encouraging new health researchers as they build their careers in Saskatchewan. It also encompasses the importance of building effective collaborations that address pressing local needs, finding highly-qualified personnel to drive innovative research programs, getting research outcomes and knowledge into the 'right hands' in order to advance health outcomes, supporting meaningful reconciliation activities, and maximizing available resources to promote impact.

SHRF's funding suite is now shaped into four programming buckets, namely:

  • Solutions

  • Capacity

  • Connections; and

  • Partnerships

Each program furthers SHRF's strategic goals in a unique way, and together in a complementary manner, to:

  • Strengthen research capacity and competitiveness;

  • Increase investment in research and innovation; and

  • Align research with stakeholders' needs.

SHRF has also enhanced our focus on application support and grant management by updating staff roles in line with our refreshed program objectives.

More information on each program can be found below.

SHRF Programs Update

Solutions Program Update

The Solutions Program aims to provide real-world Solutions to Saskatchewan health challenges. The Program offers peer-reviewed funding for transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams working together with knowledge users to coordinate diverse skills and perspectives in a focused area. The two grants focus on either innovative new ideas and approaches (Innovation Grant) or the translation of research into real-world settings and practical applications (Impact Grant).

SHRF has now been administering the Solutions Program for three years. The first year emphasized a focus on Virtual Care, and invested a total of one million dollars into 14 projects. The second year of the Program focused on Addictions, where SHRF invested over $900K in 10 projects. The results of the third year will be shared in the summer of 2023.

SHRF's next 'Solutions Focus Area' will be announced on January 24, 1:00pm CST.

Current Solutions Opportunities:

  • Innovation Grant

  • Impact Grant

Capacity Program Update

Connections Program Update

Partnerships Program Update

CV and Application Updates

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