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SHRF Offers New Funding Program to Align Research with Needs of Saskatchewan

Continuing with the funding program refresh undertaken in 2020-2021 to better align with our strategic direction and the needs of our stakeholders, researchers, communities, healthcare practitioners and patients, SHRF is launching a new funding opportunity, the Align Grant.

As part of the Connections Program (alongside the Research Connections Grants), the Align Grant will enable the development and engagement of robust interdisciplinary research teams, including members outside academia and provide funding to complete activities that shape research to align with the Saskatchewan context and respond to Saskatchewan needs.

Last year, the START grant was piloted to support meaningful engagement and collaboration activities for the development of research teams to address the Solutions Program focus area and develop research questions for the 2021-22 Solutions Application cycle. The Align grant will build on this goal and expand the scope, supporting engagement and development of interdisciplinary teams and research and health professional trainees for Saskatchewan-based applications to any peer-review funding at the regional, national and international level, as well as SHRF funding. The Align grant will also support activities to shape research to align with the Saskatchewan context and respond to the needs of Saskatchewan. This can include, but is not limited to, community needs assessments, determining scope or scale, determining steps from pilot to implementation, co-developing of research questions and answering feasibility questions in Saskatchewan.

Applications to this funding opportunity will be required to address these three objectives:

  1. Increase research relevance, coordination, and potential for impact

  2. Increase quality and success of Saskatchewan applications to peer-reviewed funding competitions

  3. Support Saskatchewan research and health professional trainees through opportunities to gain experience in collaboration outside academia, and other research and professional skills related to proposed activities

Please refer to the Align Application Package for the full application requirements.

The first intake is now open, deadline July 14, 2022. The second intake will open July 18, deadline August 18, 2022.

For more information, also register for the information webinar on June 29, at 11:00 a.m.


About SHRF - Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) is the provincial funding agency that funds, supports and promotes the impact of health research that matters to Saskatchewan. SHRF collaborates with stakeholders to contribute to the growth of a high-performing health system, culture of innovation and the improved health of citizens by strengthening research capacity and competitiveness, increasing the investment in health research in Saskatchewan and aligning research with the needs of our stakeholders.

For more information, please contact:

Karen Tilsley, SHRF Director of Programs and Partnerships

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