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2023-24 Call #1
Important Dates

Competition Launch: April 4, 2023

Information Webinar:  May 11, 2023 – 12:00 p.m. CST 

Register for  the webinar here >

Application Deadline*: July 11, 2023 – 4:30 p.m. CST

Funding Decisions: apx. 14 business days after application deadline

Funding Start Date: August 1, 2023

*Check with your institution for internal deadlines and allow time to obtain required approvals.


Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Mobilize Grant is to fund the knowledge mobilization of health research within practical and non-academic settings and mediums, with the aim to improve health-related knowledge and outcomes in Saskatchewan.

Proposed activities must fulfil the purpose of knowledge mobilization by addressing at least one of the following objectives:

  1. Facilitate the use and integration of health research knowledge and evidence into practice and decision making.

  2. Facilitate the use of non-academic knowledge to inform and guide research activities.

  3. Facilitate the participation of non-academic team members in the research and knowledge sharing process.

SHRF uses the term knowledge mobilization to refer to all activities used to bring awareness to research activities and findings in a way that can be used in practice. This includes but is not limited to knowledge synthesis, dissemination, transfer, exchange, and co-creation or co-production. Knowledge mobilization should encourage exchanges between researchers and knowledge users.

Knowledge users as any individual who could receive and use new knowledge to implement improvements in health - their own health, the health of others or the health system. These individuals may represent organizations that are interested in the practical application of knowledge. A knowledge user may be a practitioner, health system manager, policymaker, educator, decision-maker, health care administrator, community leader or an individual from a health institution, patient group, government organization, etc.


Focus Area

This is an open call. Applications may address any area of human health. 

Funding Details

Up to $10,000

The grant provided is for up to one year (12 months)

Amount and Term


Principal Applicant


Project Team


The Principal Applicant is the individual who is responsible for the overall direction of the proposed activities, assumes administrative responsibility for the grant and receives all related correspondence from SHRF. 
Principal Applicants that do not hold a position at an institution that has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SHRF must meet the following requirements to hold Mobilize Grant funding.

The Principal Investigator will:

  • Be employed by an organization in Saskatchewan with an interest in health research and knowledge mobilization that is eligible to administer the grant funding. Funds must be administered by an organization that is a CRA-qualified charity in Saskatchewan that will provide a statement of account to SHRF, such as a post-secondary institution, health agency, charity or similar;

    • Principal Applicants from CRA-qualified charities should choose “Canadian Non-profit Organization” when creating their RMS account and search for their organization by registration number, name, or address. If you cannot find your organization, please contact

  • Reside and work in Saskatchewan during the funding period of the grant; and

  • Agree to adhere to all SHRF funding policies and reporting requirements.



There are no minimum team requirements. Applications must be able to demonstrate engagement or potential to engage knowledge users and the target audience.


For this funding opportunity, there are no Contribution Forms or additional documents that will need to be shared from Applicants or Personnel invited to this application. Supporters must provide a letter of support.


The information webinar will be recorded and posted here after the session.

Register for the information session here >

How to Apply

Each application must be made online through SHRF’s Research Management System (SHRF RMS). All follow up documents will be accessed there. Our system helps facilitate the peer review process. Click on 'Login to Apply' to access the system from any page on our website. For help with the system, contact

Our Resource page has more information and technical support to help you throughout the application process. 

You can also find helpful How-To videos on our YouTube page. 

Program Contacts

We're here to help!

For questions about the Mobilize Grant, reach out to

Chelsea Cunningham

For questions about the SHRF RMS, reach out to

Tanya Skorobohach

For questions about other funding opportunities, reach out to

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