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Truth & Action

2023-24 Important Dates

Competition Launch: August 21, 2023

Information Webinar:  September 13, 2023 – 12:00 p.m. CST 

Watch the webinar >

Application Deadline*: December 12, 2023 – 4:30 p.m. CST

Funding Decisions: January 29, 2024

Funding Start Date: February 1, 2024

*Check with your institution for internal deadlines and allow time to obtain required approvals.

Opportunity Details


The purpose of the Mobilize Grant is to fund knowledge mobilization activities in relevant and practical settings and mediums, with the aim of improving the applicability and impact of health research in Saskatchewan.


Proposed activities must fulfill the purpose of knowledge mobilization by addressing at least one of the following objectives:

  1. Facilitate the use and integration of health research knowledge and evidence into practice and decision making.

  2. Facilitate the use of relevant knowledge (e.g., lived experiences, traditional knowledge) to inform and guide research activities.

  3. Facilitate the participation of non-academic team members in the research and knowledge sharing process.

Opportunity Details

Focus Area

Applications must address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action report in combination with any area of human health.

Focus Area

Funding Details


Up to $10,000
(No matching funding is required)


The grant provided is for up to one year (12 months)

Funding Details


Principal Applicant Requirements

The Principal Applicant is the individual who is responsible for the overall direction of the proposed activities, assumes administrative responsibility for the grant and receives all related correspondence from SHRF. The Principal Applicant starts the application in the SHRF RMS and is responsible for submitting the application by the deadline.

The Mobilize Grant Principal Applicant must:

  • Reside and work in Saskatchewan during the funding period of the grant.

  • Not be a trainee.

  • Agree to adhere to all SHRF funding policies and reporting requirements.

Principal Applicants may or may not have a position at an institution that has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SHRF (see SHRF Funding Guide for a list of current MOU institutions).

  • Where the principal applicant will be holding the grant at an MOU institution, that institution’s research office is required to sign the application signature page.

  • Where the principal applicant is not affiliated with an MOU institution, the following requirements apply:

    • The principal applicant must be employed by an organization in Saskatchewan with an interest in health and knowledge mobilization that is eligible to administer the grant funding.

    • Funds must be administered by an organization that has a CRA registration number in Saskatchewan that will provide a statement of account to SHRF, such as a post-secondary institution, health agency, charity or similar

The Principal Investigator can submit only one application per call (but may be a co-principal investigator or co-investigator on other applications).

Project Team Requirements

For this call, Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives must be represented on the project team, but there are no specific minimum team requirements. Applications must be able to demonstrate engagement or strong potential to engage knowledge-users and the target audience.

For this funding opportunity, there are no Contribution Forms, CVs, or additional documents that will need to be shared from Applicants or Personnel invited to this application. Supporters must provide a letter of support for the principal applicant to upload.


Information Webinar

Information Webinar
How to Apply

How to Apply

Each application must be made online through SHRF’s Research Management System (SHRF RMS). All follow-up correspondence and documents will also be accessed there.

SHRF's Resources page has more information and technical support to help you throughout the application process. 

​You can also find helpful How-To videos on our YouTube page

Click on 'Login to Apply' to access the system from any page on our website.


For help with the system, contact

Program Contacts

We're here to help!

For questions about the Mobilize Grant, reach out to the program manager, Chelsea Cunningham

For questions about the SHRF RMS, reach out to Tanya Skorobohach

For questions about other funding opportunities, reach out to

Program Contacts
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