2022-2023 Call #3
Important Dates

Competition Launch: October 19, 2022

Information Webinar: June 29, 2022, 11 a.m. 

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Application Deadline*: December 6, 2022 – 4:30 p.m. CST

Funding Decisions: 12 to 14 business days after application deadline

Funding Start Date: January 15, 2023


*Check with your institution for internal deadlines and allow time to obtain required approvals.

Past Competition Results 
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Opportunity Details

Purpose and Objectives


The Align Grant aims to enable a diverse and connected research community in Saskatchewan that is well-positioned to receive peer-reviewed funding and conduct impactful research aligned with Saskatchewan needs


The Align Grant has the following specific objectives:

1. Increase research relevance, coordination, and potential for impact by:

a. Enabling development and engagement of robust interdisciplinary research teams, including stakeholders* outside academia.


*Stakeholders include communities, people with lived experience, families, caregivers, decision makers, health practitioners, health care administrators,  educators, policy makers, patient groups, community-based organizations, industry, health charities, etc. 

b. Providing funding to complete activities that shape research to align with the Saskatchewan context and respond to Saskatchewan needs.

2. Increase quality and success of Saskatchewan applications to peer-reviewed funding competitions at the regional (e.g.; western Canadian- minimum two provinces), national and international level, as well as to SHRF.

3. Support the development of Saskatchewan research and health professional trainees through opportunities to gain experience in collaborative team building and engagement outside academia, co-development of research questions and approaches, and other research and professional skills related to proposed activities.

Focus Area

This is an open call. Applications may address any area of human health.


Amount and Term


Up to $10,000 may be requested from SHRF.  Values requested must be reflective of a justified and fiscally responsible budget and in balance with the expected deliverables and outcomes of the proposed activities.


The grant provided is for up to one year (12 months).

At least one future funding application should be submitted within two years from the Align grant start date.


Principal Applicant,

Team Requirements

and Eligible Activities

Principal Applicant

Individuals applying to this funding opportunity must meet the requirements of the Principal Applicant as defined by SHRF. 

Please see the SHRF Funding Guide for definition of an eligible Principal Applicant.

Project Team Requirements

The Principal Applicant must meet eligibility requirements as described in the current SHRF Funding Guide section 2.4.3.

A least one trainee must be involved either in the applicant or personnel role. 


As this grant is available to assist in connecting with stakeholders outside academia, it is not required that teams include knowledge-users. 


For this funding opportunity, there are no Contribution Forms or additional documents that will need to be shared from Applicants or Personnel invited to this application. Supporters must provide a letter of support.

Examples of Eligible Activities
Below are examples of eligible activities. Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Please contact the program manager if you have questions regarding eligible activities.

  • Community needs assessment

  • Determining scope or scale of a health issue in Saskatchewan

  • Determining next steps and needs to move successfully from pilot to implementation, uptake and sustainability

  • Identifying initiatives already underway in Saskatchewan and looking for opportunities to align, work together, and reduce duplication of efforts

  • Connect with Saskatchewan stakeholders such as patient groups, community organizations, decision makers, Knowledge Keepers, etc.

  • Undertake culturally appropriate engagement and relationship building

  • Co-develop research questions and approaches with input from stakeholders

  • Ensure research is relevant and appropriate to those directly impacted

  • Identify outcomes important to stakeholders

  • Answer feasibility questions related to the Saskatchewan context

  • Identify and connect with target audiences, who may provide letters of support for future funding applications

  • Identify knowledge sharing avenues outside academia

See full details in the Application Package >



Q: What will the success rate be? A: This is the first time SHRF has offered the Align grant so we do not have data on application demand or previous application success rate.

Q: How many Align grants are you able to fund each call? A: SHRF has a healthy budget available for the Align grants and we expect to be able to fund applications if they meet all the requirements. However, should there be an unprecedented demand after the first or second call intakes we will let the research community know more as soon as possible.

Q: If I am not successful in the first call, can I resubmit to the second of third call this year? A: Yes, please look at the feedback and make appropriate changes before resubmitting your application to a future call. We encourage you to ask questions prior to submitting your application.

Q: Can I submit more than one Align grant application? A: Principal Applicants can submit a maximum of one application per Align grant call. Additional applications may be submitted in future calls in the same fiscal year.

Q: If I receive an Align grant to complete activities in preparation for a particular grant application, can I reapply to complete further activities in preparation for that same future grant application? A: Yes, as long as the total amount of Align grant funding across the applications does not exceed $10,000. We expect applicants to only ask for what they need to complete planned activities in a fiscally responsible and timely manner. If an Align grant is approved for planned activities for $3,000, for example, and following completion of these activities further work is required before submitting the planned peer reviewed funding application, the applicant(s) may submit a new Align grant application with expanded activities planned. Should it be justified, the applicants could request additional funding up to a maximum of $7,000 (making the total for activities for that particular future grant application $10,000). This would apply crossing both calls and fiscal years. This policy will be reviewed after the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Q: Can I submit attachments such as a reference list or data collection materials to SHRF? A: Everything required to review the application and understand what is being proposed should be included in the application form and not attachments. If you believe an attachment is necessary you may include it in your submission, however, SHRF staff should not be required to read it in any detail to understand your application.

Further questions?
Email fundinginfo@shrf.ca 

How to Apply

Application forms must be completed following the application instructions in the Application Package.

Completed application form and all attachments must be emailed to fundinginfo@shrf.ca by the deadline.


For help with the forms or excel templates, contact helpdesk@shrf.ca. ​

Program Contacts

For questions about this and other funding opportunities, reach out to fundinginfo@shrf.ca

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