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Upcoming Funding Programs Refresh

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Over the past 15 years, SHRF has maintained a reputation for excellence when it comes to investing in peer-reviewed health research that strengthens the province’s research capacity and competitiveness, capitalizes on Saskatchewan strengths and addresses health challenges that matter to Saskatchewan people.

At SHRF, we value our ability to adapt to changing trends and align with the needs and priorities of the province. We accomplish this through our partnerships and funding opportunities while maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity and accountability through our processes.

SHRF is currently undergoing an organizational strategic update, which impacts our research funding opportunities and administrative processes. Our commitment to investing in collaborative, innovative and high impact research relevant to Saskatchewan continues – starting in 2020, how we do it will change.

You can rest assured that research funding already awarded and ongoing remains unaffected. Additionally, programs will continue as announced for 2019-20 (Sprout Grant and Collaborative Innovation Development Grant).

What’s next?

SHRF staff will be using the summer months to review current funding opportunities and administrative processes. Any changes that occur will be made to better promote collaboration with partners and support and invest in talent development, early career researchers, innovative projects, and the sharing and use of research knowledge through a refreshed slate of funding initiatives.

We value your input. How can our program offerings, partnerships and services best support the needs and priorities of the province? Watch for opportunities to share your feedback with SHRF as we continue to look to align our efforts with the needs of the Saskatchewan research community.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we evaluate and refresh our funding opportunities and services to better support health research in Saskatchewan and align with our continued value of excellence.

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