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Horizons Issue 1: December 2020

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

We believe health research is vital to the improved health of Saskatchewan citizens. SHRF-funded research, aligned with the needs of the province, is moving us towards Horizons where we will see better health care, healthier communities and brighter futures. This newsletter features the impact-driven stories and partnerships from the last quarter that are contributing to achieving these goals.


Digital Connections Hub

New online resource helps child services workers support the mental health and well-being of vulnerable children and adolescents

Two women
Nathalie Reid (Photo by Trevor Hopkin); and Lise Milne (Photo by Nicole Romanoff)

With funding from the SHRF and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Nathalie Reid, Lise Milne and their team from the University of Regina have built and populated the Digital Connections Hub, which officially launched December 9. The Hub is a website rich with resources designed to help child-services professionals across the three prairie provinces do the best they can for their clients during the pandemic. Read More >

This story is also featured in the University of Regina's latest issue of Discourse Magazine.


SHRF-funded project to identify alternatives to mental health- and addiction-related emergency department visits

In Saskatchewan, some people with mental health and addictions problems are frequent visitors to the Emergency Department (ED). For University of Saskatchewan nursing professor and researcher Hua Li, what’s been missing from the conversation about how best to meet this patient group’s needs is the perspective of the frequent ED visitors themselves, as well as input from their caregivers and health care providers. With the support of a SHRF Establishment grant, Li is aiming to fill this gap. Read More >


Meet the Researcher

Our Meet the Researcher series includes profiles of SHRF-funded researchers who are contributing to a robust culture of research and innovation in Saskatchewan.

Are you a SHRF-funded researcher who would like to submit a profile? Contact Nikki at


Funded in Partnership


A Look Back

2020 Santé Awards

2020 Health Research Week


#SHRFie Spotlight



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