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Funding Programs Update - June 2020

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

In 2019, we began the process of refreshing our funding programs to better align with our strategic plan and the needs of our stakeholders. Since then, a global pandemic was declared. Sticking to our core value of adaptability, we responded to meet the rapid needs of the research community with support that would help tackle the health challenges we faced as the province took on measures to flatten the curve.

At the same time, leaning on our core value of accountability, we continued to shape how we will meet the ongoing needs of our province with our suite of funding programs. Incorporating what we heard from the research community and other stakeholders, and taking into account new information about the world we live in today, we know that SHRF’s ability to be responsive is one of our biggest strengths as a funder.

As part of the refresh, you won't see the same programs launching this summer. Watch for more information in the coming weeks about a new program that will help support Saskatchewan health researchers and their partners collaborate to find Saskatchewan solutions to Saskatchewan’s health challenges.

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