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Funding Results Announced: 2019-20 Establishment Grant and Research Fellowship

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

We're pleased to announce nearly $2 million in funding for research that matters to Saskatchewan's health challenges through our Establishment Grant and Research Fellowship programs.

Researchers will establish their research in our province to tackle cancer, HIV and kidney disease. Other examples of the research supported through this program are establishing a foundation for hearing and cognitive research to ensure the best care for Saskatchewan patients; and looking at the unique roll traditional Indigenous activities play on improving the health of Indigenous peoples.

Our Research Fellows will work to develop novel solutions for male infertility; safe and rapid vaccine technologies; and advances in targeted cancer treatments and a better understanding of the disease.

The following is a list of recipients. More information on these and other funded projects is available at (Please note it may take time for results to display in our database.)


Amira Abdelrasoul University of Saskatchewan

Fundamental Studies and In vivo Data Analyses for Hemodialysis Membrane Biocompatibility Development towards Artificial Kidney

James Benson University of Saskatchewan

Towards a cutting edge extensible computational tool for optimization of cryopreservation of Vascularized Composite Tissues for Allotransplantation

Heather Foulds University of Saskatchewan

Jigging our Health

Kristen Haase University of Saskatchewan

A prospective mixed-methods study of self-management in older adults with cancer and multimorbidity in two Canadian provinces

Kerry Lavender University of Saskatchewan

Differential effects of IFNα subtypes on HIV-1-associated dysfunctional CD8+ T cells.

Paul Mick University of Saskatchewan

Hearing and Thinking from Cradle to Grave: Building the Capacity for Sensory-Cognitive Research in Saskatchewan

Schroder Sattar University of Saskatchewan

Testing the feasibility and effects of the STABLE program on reducing fall risk among community-dwelling older adults with cancer: A randomized controlled trial

Behzad M. Toosi University of Saskatchewan

A comparative oncology approach to investigate the EphA receptors as novel targets for cancer therapy in dogs and humans

Cheng-Wei Wu University of Saskatchewan

Targeting the Integrator complex and RNA metabolism to combat heavy metal-induced pathologies

Audrey Zucker-Levin University of Saskatchewan

Wheeling to Healing: A novel method to improve healing of diabetic foot ulceration


Margo Adam University of Saskatchewan

Women athletes’ experiences of the Female Athlete Triad: A holistic mixed methods approach

Supervisor: Marta Erlandson

Anjuman Ara University of Saskatchewan

Regulating T-cell Fate by Targeting mTORC1-KIF13A-M6PR Axis to Enhance Immunity against Cancer

Supervisor: Jim Xiang

Ebrahim Asadi University of Saskatchewan

Novel solutions for male infertility: Innovative 3D culture systems for in vitro spermatogenesis

Supervisor: Ali Honaramooz

Milaid Granadillo Rodríguez University of Saskatchewan

Role of APOBEC3 deoxycytidine deaminases in somatic mutagenesis

Supervisor: Linda Chelico

Zeinab Hosseini University of Saskatchewan

“Efficacy and safety of high-intensity exercises in older people with low bone mass”

Supervisor: Philip Chilibeck

Behlol Khan University of Saskatchewan

Targeting EGFR/EpHA2 receptor using bispecific radioimmunoconjugates against triple negative breast cancer.

Supervisor: Humphrey Fonge

David Kingston University of Saskatchewan

An impactful step: Investigating lower limb joint loads during farm machinery egress

Supervisor: Catherine Trask

Ivan Trus University of Saskatchewan

Human dendritic cell responses to infection with CpG-recoded viruses

Supervisor: Uladzimir Karniychuk

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