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More About SHRF

Our Mandate

Established by an act of legislature in 2002, our mandate provided by the Government of Saskatchewan is to:

Seek and receive funding to support health research

Encourage and facilitate health research

Fund research according to the strategy

Disseminate information about funded research

Our History


The Saskatchewan Health Research Board (SHRB) is established by the Health Research Act.


SHRB makes its first grants to the health research community. As the result of a group funding competition in following years, the Health Services Utilization and Research Commission (HSURC) was created to support independent health research.


SHRB and then HSURC helped fund research through grants focused on priority areas including career establishment, social science health research and personnel funding.

Early 2001

Ken Fyke recommended increasing health research spending to 1% of the health budget in his pivotal report, Caring for Medicare. This strategy would renew health science education and improve the health care system.

Late 2001

The Action Plan for Saskatchewan Health Care makes an additional $2 million available for research.


SHRF starts operation to manage the increased funds and allocate them according to their mandate. In addition to these broad responsibilities, SHRF was tasked with sharing research knowledge with stakeholders - public, professional and private individuals.


Saskatchewan’s unique population and geography offer opportunities found nowhere else in Canada. By working with its partners in our universities, government agencies, and communities, SHRF helps advance health research for Saskatchewan.

SHRF receives funding from the Government of Saskatchewan through Innovation Saskatchewan. 

Values In Action

Rooted in integrity and our reputation for excellence, we hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders, enabling us to adapt and collaborate in supporting health research that matters to Saskatchewan, having a local and global impact. 

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