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Supporting Canada’s next generation of mental health researchers

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Mental Health Research Canada and SHRF are proud to support early career researchers and students in mental health and foster an early connection between researchers, service providers, and people with lived experience through the MHRC 2022 Studentships. The studentship opportunities are designed to support the student through an 6-month research project that is co-supervised both by an academic supervisor and a community-based service provider.

Three $15,000 studentships were awarded in Saskatchewan. More details about the studentship opportunity and the winners can be found on here: Supporting Canada’s next generation of mental health researchers


Funding Recipients

Amanda Scandrett, University of Regina

Supervisor: Charity Marsh

Take Up Space, You Matter!: Fostering (Re)Connection After the Pandemic Through Trauma-Informed Community Arts Programming

Jordan Sherstobitoff, University of Saskatchewan

Supervisor: Geoffrey Maina

Exploring the Mental Health Knowledge and Self-Care Practices for Racialized Immigrant Youth in Regina, Saskatchewan

Sahana Ramamoorthy, University of Saskatchewan

Supervisor: Nazeem Muhajarine

COVID-19 and Mental Health Impacts in Saskatchewan: Caregiver and Child Perspectives

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