Master's student hopes to shift the focus for public safety personnel with mindfulness exercises

Updated: Jan 7

Partnership Funding Announcement

Caeleigh Landry is a Master’s student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Regina. Working with supervisors Drs. Heather Hadjistavropoulos and Nicholas Carleton, she is part of the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) and PSPNET teams. Her primary field of interest is the prevention and treatment of mental disorder symptoms in public safety personnel (PSP).

Her project, titled Shifting Focus: Feasibility of Online Mindfulness Exercises as an Adjunct to Tailored ICBT for PSP, was awarded a 2021 Mental Health Impact Scholarship from Mental Health Research Canada and SHRF.

Caeleigh is working with the CIPSRT and PSPNET to create effective and accessible culturally competent care for Canadian public safety personnel. Her project is being done in partnership with PSPNET, an internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy program for Canadian public safety personnel. She will be incorporating mindfulness meditation into the pre-existing course in order to examine if mindfulness meditations are perceived as helpful and acceptable by the population. Caeleigh will be looking at both symptom scores at pre- and post-treatment as well as conducting interviews to understand participant perceptions.

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