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CIHR Funding Announcement Sets the Stage for Meaningful Community Research in Saskatchewan

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has announced the recipients of their Health System Impact (HSI) program, a decision that will support three important research collaborations in Saskatchewan in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF).

The Health System Impact program is designed to provide highly qualified PhD trainees and postdoctoral researchers in the fields of health services and policy research with the opportunity to develop embedded research projects that address pressing issues in their communities. This program aims to support emerging leaders, bolster the role of embedded researchers in evidence-informed health system improvement, develop embedded research capacity within health system organizations and support diverse career pathways for such researchers.

The Health System Impact program coordinates fellowship funding provided by CIHR (70%), the host health system organization (30%) and any other involved parties. SHRF is proud to support important health system innovation in our province by funding the 30% health system organization share of this partnership for the 2022-23 cycle. Through this model, SHRF aims to not only support the success and impact of the embedded researchers themselves, but also to empower community and health system hosts in ensuring they are able to attract these individuals to their organizations.

In total, SHRF has contributed $108,000 to this year's Health System Impact fellows, enabling three important projects in Saskatchewan.


Holly McKenzie | University of Saskatchewan | $155,000

Exploring the Wholistic Value Produced Through Investing in the First HIV Prenatal Care Home in Canada, Sanctum 1.5

Learn more

Kirstian Gibson | University of Saskatchewan | $155,000

Building Trust: An Evaluation of a Program to Create Partnerships in Long-Term Care

Learn more

Ivy Myge | University of Saskatchewan | $50,000

Building a Relationship-Centered Practice Model in Long-Term Care

Learn more

Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) is the provincial funding agency that funds, supports and promotes the impact of health research that matters to Saskatchewan. SHRF collaborates with stakeholders to contribute to the growth of a high-performing health system, culture of innovation and the improved health of citizens by strengthening research capacity and competitiveness, increasing the investment in health research in Saskatchewan and aligning research with the needs of our stakeholders.

For more information about on the 2023-24 opportunities with the CIHR Health System Impact program, visit CIHR's website or contact Karen Tilsley, Director of Programs and Partnerships at

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