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2021-22 Establishment Grant Results

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

SHRF Announces Almost $1.2M in Funding Support for Early-Career Researchers to Address SK Health Challenges

Building capacity in Saskatchewan’s research ecosystem means we are better able to respond to local health challenges. Through our Establishment Grant funding, we are helping attract and retain those with the knowledge and expertise needed to build careers in the province, create effective collaborations and work to improve health outcomes for the people of Saskatchewan. An investment of almost $1.2 million will enable 10 researchers to address health challenges.

Some projects will focus on a deeper understanding of antibiotic resistance, viral and bacterial infections that cause human diseases, and the cancer-promoting roles of nerves. Others will address quality of life issues for those living with chronic disease, mental disorders, and multiple sclerosis. One study will look to improve the safety of direct discharges to home from the ICU.

Important research with Indigenous communities will move away from deficit-based approaches and towards understanding the strengths of Indigenous youth and what it means for them to live as wellness leaders. An Indigenous Wellness Research Framework will also be developed and implemented, grounded in Indigenous values, beliefs and practices with and for Indigenous people to navigate their healing and wellness journeys in an Indigenous-led way.

“Our Establishment Grant is a funding mechanism that we are proud to say has started the careers of many longstanding Saskatchewan-based researchers,” says SHRF CEO, Patrick Odnokon. “We are confident the work of these 10 researchers will have important and positive impacts for the health of Saskatchewan people.”

2021-22 Establishment Grant Recipients

For more details on these and other SHRF-funded research, search our Results database.

Michael Dubnewick, University of Regina

Stories to lead by: A narrative inquiry into the experiences of Indigenous youth as they compose their lives as wellness leaders

Omar El-Halfawy, University of Regina

Understanding and combatting bacterial resistance to antibiotics to fight superbugs

Natasha Gallant, University of Regina

Does group treatment for individuals living with chronic diseases reduce their psychological distress?

Alexandra King, University of Saskatchewan

Gathering our bundle: Creating a culturally responsive research framework to support the wellness of First Nations and Métis in Saskatchewan

Anand Krishnan, University of Saskatchewan

Exploring the mechanism of nerve-dependent cancer progression to identify new therapeutic approaches for cancer

Anil Kumar, University of Saskatchewan

Understanding the role of Enterovirus D68 in Acute Flaccid Myelitis, a novel polio-like illness

Cameron Mang, University of Regina

Task-oriented exercise to improve walking in people with progressive multiple sclerosis

Eric Sy, University of Saskatchewan

Studying and improving the safety of direct discharges to home from the Intensive Care Unit (Regina-DISH Project)

Jenny-Lee Thomassin, University of Saskatchewan

Shipping and receiving: identification of cargo proteins exported by pathogenic Escherichia coli during infection

Changting Xiao, University of Saskatchewan

Reining in Gut Fat Handling to Treat Heart Disease and Stroke

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