Solutions Program

Program Overview


The Solutions program aims to mobilize the research community and its partners to focus and coordinate their diverse skills and perspectives to address timely Saskatchewan health challenges. All applications must address one or more of the health challenges, i.e. focus areas, identified for the competition year.

Funding Opportunities 

Each competition year, the Solutions program will offer a selection of funding opportunities to support research at various stages and complement the funding focus areas and partnered investments. If more than one funding opportunity is available for a focus area, applicants must select the one that best suits the stage of their proposed research. 


Funding Process Overview 

Following eligibility approval (research focus and team membership), all applications will undergo peer review to determine both the scientific excellence and potential to have impact in the relevant focus area.  

Funding envelopes are set for each focus area and funding opportunity. Applications are funded in top-down rank order until funds are exhausted in each envelope.

Solutions Program Pathway


Partnership is key to the success of the Solutions Program.
If you are interested in partnering on an opportunity, contact us today to discuss the ways to get involved. 

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