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$1.2M Awarded to Five Health Researchers for Leadership in Patient-Oriented Research

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

An investment of over $1.2 million has been awarded to five recipients of Patient-Oriented Research Leadership Grants by Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) in partnership with the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR).

This is the second competition offered under this program that furthers SHRF and SCPOR’s efforts to fund research that is driving cultural change forward when it comes to how research addresses patient-identified priorities.

Being patient-oriented research, this funding is about more than just the individual grant recipients. These researchers were awarded because of their track record in engaging not only patients but other key stakeholders, such as policy and decision makers, who also play a role in the success of patient-oriented research. These grantees have demonstrated the leadership needed for the meaningful creation, exchange and uptake of patient-oriented research innovations. The programs of research they will lead will be dynamic applications of patient-oriented innovations that will provide evidence-informed improvements for the health care system and strive to improve patient outcomes.

SCPOR is one of 11 provincial/territorial units established to build capacity and collaborations for patient-oriented research and facilitate its implementation. Funding for this work comes from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s (CIHR) Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) and focuses on evidence-informed improvements to health policies and the health care system by engaging patients at all stages of research. SHRF is one of nine provincial organizations providing funds and in-kind contributions to SCPOR.

2018-19 Patient-Oriented Research Leadership Grant (Competition II) Recipients

Heather Hadjistavropoulos University of Regina Partnering with Patients to Expand Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Saskatchewan to include Programs Addressing Alcohol Misuse and Sleep Problems

Tarun Katapally University of Regina SMART Youth: A Digital Platform for Population Health Interventions

Saija Kontulainen University of Saskatchewan Patient-oriented Evidence-based Exercise Program for Osteoporotic Fracture Prevention

Silvana Papagerakis University of Saskatchewan Evaluate the contribution of biological clock disruption in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and design of novel therapeutic interventions based on patients' perceptions and needs to improve patients' quality of life

Tracie Risling University of Saskatchewan No Patient Left Behind: Collaborating with Saskatchewan Residents to Support the Use of Electronic Health Records

About SHRF – Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) is the provincial funding agency that funds, supports and promotes the impact of health research that matters to Saskatchewan. SHRF collaborates with stakeholders to contribute to the growth of a high-performing health system, culture of innovation and the improved health of citizens by strengthening research capacity and competitiveness, increasing the investment in health research in Saskatchewan and aligning research with the needs of our stakeholders.

About SCPOR – Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR) is one of 11 provincial/territorial units led by CIHR to build provincial and national capacity for patient-oriented research. With support from the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan, nine provincial organizations provide funds and in-kind contributions. These organizations include: University of Saskatchewan, eHealth Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Ministry of Health, Saskatoon Health Region, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic.


For More Information:

Nikki Desjardins Communications and Outreach Officer, SHRF or 306-975-1693

Farha Akhtar

Communications Specialist, SCPOR or 306-966-1733

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