October 21 - 27, 2019

Share your #SHRFie

What is a SHRFie you may be asking?


Plain and simple, a #SHRFie is a health research supporter.


It’s a researcher funded by SHRF making a difference to the health of our province.


It’s a partner organization working with SHRF to support health discoveries relevant to a specific population of our province.


It’s other health research funders who are collaborating with SHRF to find new and improved ways of sharing the impact of our work.


It’s administrative staff working to support SHRF-funded projects or researchers as they find answers to questions about our health. 

Tanya Dahms and Taranum Sultana

#SHRFie Tanya Dahms and research associate Taranum Sultana are finding new ways to prevent and treat fungal infections.

Cathy Arnold and Joel Lanovaz

#SHRFie Cathy Arnold and Joel Lanovaz are investigating ways to reduce the risk of fall injury in older adults.


Honourary #SHRFie will deliver the keynote address at this year's Sante Awards and Research Showcase delivering a futurist view on ways health research can improve the production of useful research results now.

Marcus Yung

#SHRFie Marcus Yung investigated occupational vibration standards using a test battery before and after simulated vibration.

Catherine Trask and Behzad Bashiri

#SHRFie Behzad Bashiri and Supervisor Catherine Trask investigated the impact of tractor vibration on how folks get out of the tractor, an everyday action that can lead to fall injuries on farms.

#SHRFie team members Rhonda Sanderso

#SHRFie team members Rhonda Sanderson, Juan-Nicolas Pena-Sanchez and Jose Diego Marques Santos present their framework to study IBD among Indigenous peoples in SK at the 2019 Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR) annual conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Katherine Knox and Sarah Donkers

#SHRFie excitement from Katherine Knox and Sarah Donkers as their project marks a MS research milestone in Saskatchewan.

Noelle Rohatinsky

#SHRFie Noelle Rohatinsky has brought together a team that includes rural patients and caregivers to identify gaps in care for those living with inflammatory bowel disease.

Jose Tellez-Zenteno and Team

#SHRFie José Téllez-Zenteno and his team are using their Collaborative Innovation Development grant to develop an epilepsy clinic using Telehealth and a portable EEG machine.

Heather Foulds

#SHRFie Heather Foulds recieved an Establishment grant to look at the health benefits of traditional Métis jigging.

Charity Evans

#SHRFie Charity Evans used her Establishment grant to confirm SK has the highest rates of MS in the world.

Gary Groot

#SHRFie Gary Groot says a journey towards reconciliation starts with a single step.

RaDAR Team: Left to right: Dr. Julie

#SHRFie Debra Morgan and the RaDAR team are providing a one-stop shop for rural and remote dementia patients and caregivers to receive diagnosis, care and support with rural memory clinics.

Gabriela Novotna

#SHRFie Gariela Novotna is researching ways of supporting those who treat mental health and addictions.

Christopher Phenix

#SHRFie Chris Phenix is identifying new markers for Parkinson's Disease.

Check back October 21-27 for more #SHRFie pictures added to the gallery!

About the Week

Health Research Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness for the important research, world-class researchers and collaborative efforts that exist in Saskatchewan and are contributing to the growth of a high-performing health system, building a culture of innovation and improving the health of our citizens.


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