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Funding Programs

Our Approach

SHRF develops and executes research funding competitions that allow us to invest in collaborative, innovative, high-impact, peer-reviewed health research that is relevant to improving the health of Saskatchewan people. 

All of our funding programs work together to advance our strategic goals: to strengthen research capacity and competitiveness, increase investment in research and innovation, and align research with stakeholders' needs.

We pride ourselves on continuously improving and adapting our funding programs to meet the needs of Saskatchewan.


SHRF's four program pillars are:

Solutions, Capacity, Connections and Partnerships


Our Programs

Solutions Program

The Solutions Program offers peer-reviewed research funding for transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams working together with knowledge users to coordinate diverse skills and perspectives in a focused area. Each competition, specific timely Saskatchewan health challenges are named as Focus Areas to mobilize the research community and our partners and promote sustainable impact.

Teams can apply for either Innovation Grant or Impact Grant, to catalyze innovative new ideas and approaches or advance the translation of research into real world settings and practical applications, respectively.

Focus Areas include:

  • Child and Youth Health

  • Rural and Remote Health

  • Addictions

  • Virtual Care

  • Partner Priority Areas

Program Timelines

Focus Area Launch: June-July

Eligibility Deadline: September

Full Application Deadline: November

Funding Start: March

Capacity Program

The Capacity Program aims to strengthen research capacity and competitiveness. This is achieved through the Establishment Grant, which offers peer-reviewed research funding for early-career researchers in Saskatchewan in establishing an autonomous program of health research addressing Saskatchewan health challenges. This funding supports researchers to achieve the research productivity necessary for obtaining major funding from national and other external agencies. Researchers working in any area of human health are eligible to apply.

Program Timelines

Launch: November-December

Eligibility Deadline: January

Full Application Deadline: March

Funding Start: July-October

Connections Program

The Connections Program aims to connect and align research with the needs of Saskatchewan. Two funding opportunities are available to support connections throughout the research process: the Align Grant and the Mobilize Grant.


The Align Grant provides funding for activities that increase research relevance, engage a diverse and connected research community in Saskatchewan and increase quality and success of Saskatchewan applications to peer-reviewed funding competitions.

The Mobilize Grant provides funding for knowledge mobilization activities that connect with knowledge-users and target non-academic audiences. The project may be led by researchers and/or knowledge-users with the goal of improving the applicability and impact of health research in Saskatchewan.

Both open and focused opportunities are available throughout the year.


The Mobilize Grant also offers an annual call for activities to advance Truth and Reconciliation.

The Connections Program differs from our other programs in that it is not a peer-reviewed competition and in some cases CRA-qualified charities are eligible to apply for funding.

Program Timelines

Mobilize and Align accept applications in multiple intakes throughout the year

Partnerships Program

The Partnerships Program aims to connect Saskatchewan researchers with an expanded network of funding opportunities. This is achieved through providing support and contribution to partner opportunities. SHRF is continuously building partnerships and supporting Saskatchewan applicants. Current opportunities can be found on the Opportunities page.

Program Timelines

Opportunity timelines depend on the partner competition

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