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At the core of all SHRF programs are four guiding principles that align with our strategic direction. These are: solving Saskatchewan health problems; responding to ecosystem needs; expanding partner dollars; and streamlining administrative duties. 

The Solutions program aims to mobilize the research ecosystem to focus and coordinate diverse skills and perspectives to address timely Saskatchewan health challenges. This is achieved by providing peer reviewed, competitive funding to support direct research costs for interdisciplinary teams, including knowledge users, conducting projects with measurable impact in focused areas.

Focus Areas

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Addiction is understood as compulsive behavior and/or substance use, despite negative consequences. With continued behavior/use, a dependency may develop. Changes in the mind and body create distressing symptoms of withdraw when the pattern or use is disrupted. 

Addiction is a pressing health concern for all of Saskatchewan. Driven by a combination of complex health, social and systemic factors, the impact of addictions reaches far and wide into our personal and social lives.  


The Solutions-Addictions program supports teams with innovative and impactful approaches to address the entire addictions trajectory – from prevention and screening, to harm reduction, treatment and recovery. Working together, including those with lived/living experiences, is a way to help ensure strategies are effective, and services provide the necessary supports.